I've always found shopping overwhelming, not knowing where to look or what to look for, so I decided to have a personal shopping experience with Maudie from ChicStyling.com.au. Not only did she pick out clothes I'd never have even looked at and in colours I thought made me look jaundice. I had done a colour consult with a different person 7 years ago and I was still choosing those cooler colours, but Maudie was pretty confident that I should be in warmer hues. I followed up and had a colour consult with Maudie and she was right. Turns out I should be in warm hues. Oranges and browns which I have always stayed clear of are now some of my best colours. Orange has always been a fav colour of mine but I never chose clothes in it. Thanks Maudie, I feel much happier shopping now. I can't recommend Maudie enough, she knows her stuff, explains everything well and is very passionate about what she does. She is warm and kind, not brash and outlandish like some other stylists. Highly recommended.
Tania Helms
I wanted to email you straight away to thank you again for such a wonderful afternoon full of learning, fun and certainly satisfaction.   I am delighted with my purchases, and I know from now on I will be looking with new eyes as I roam through the shops. I have come home on such a “high” from a very delightful afternoon. I will happily spread the news of your wonderful talent and your encouragement as you show women how to bring out the best for themselves.  I am about to book into my hairdresser to see what we can do there as well. Thank You
Jo Hyndman
I want to thank you for your colour and style consultation.  I feel I’m so much more equipped for when I go shopping next and I really have learnt how to dress myself (finally haha). It was a wonderful experience and I now feel excited to wear my clothes instead of the confusion they caused me. I really understand now how clothes and accessories can make or break your look and personality. I can’t believe how much better I look in my recommended colours, dress and shorts lengths, and my hair cut. Best of all, I will be no longer wasting money on unsuitable styles and taking bad advice from salespeople. Definitely money well spent. Thanks for your genuine interest and understanding of my style.
If you are looking for ideas for Christmas or birthdays – there is nothing better than a Style makeover with Maudie Torrance. I have done the works – Colour, Style, Wardrobe Detox and Shopping…… I have had at least 10 friends who I’ve recommended and all benefited from the experience. So rather than get more clothes that don’t suit you or the wrong colours – spend your money and treat yourselves or your loved ones with a Gift voucher from Maudie. Shopping will be easier and you’ll save money in the long run as you won’t waste money on clothes that don’t suit you and sit in the back of your cupboard. My colour swatch is always in my bag which makes shopping so much easier.
  I knew that there was something not right with my colour choices, but couldn’t see exactly what was “wrong”.  I made an appointment with Maudie and she made it clear to me with a colour consultation. I applied my new knowledge straight away and I could see the difference. Also my daughter whom we visited could see the difference.  She lives on the Gold Coast and is a teacher. During her holidays I would like her to see you as well. That will be her birthday present! If you feel a bit “lost” with your appearance, I can highly recommend you to see Maudie. She is a true professional. It was a great experience and I have such a better understanding about colours and what suits me best. Thanks Maudie! Happy client
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.  Now knowing the colours that are best suited for me will definitely save me time and money and I am sure it will make shopping for clothes more enjoyable.  I also found this colour analysis very useful not only for clothing but for hair colour, make up and eyewear which are all things I often wondered if I am choosing the correct colour for me. Once again thank you so much for your help and all the information you have provided,  I wish you all the best with your business.
The Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2012 was a great event (my 1st visit) and to win Chic Styling’s competition was a quite a shock. Not knowing what to expect the experience was a personal eye opener. A spring chicken no longer, colours and styles previously loved, no longer appeared to suit. They just didn’t make me feel the same and although not questioned at purchase once worn made me think “Do I look OK in this” which was never a question I never asked myself before. Sometimes clothing styles were questioned but never colours having been able to wear almost any colour when younger but then my skin was darker, hair lighter & figure suited most styles – isn’t youth wonderful. My style analysis will be a great asset when next buying clothes. Knowing in advance what lengths to buy in dresses, skirts & jackets, pleated vs flat front pants/shorts and whether or not to have pockets and if so where to accentuate my existing assets and hide my many flaws, will give me peace of mind not to mention additional confidence in the harsh change room lights. The most shocking was the colour analysis. When you actually sit in front of a mirror and are draped in colours, the changes in your skin can be quite shocking. Maudie’s experience comes into play as she explains not only what colours best suit you but why other colours don’t. You can actually see your skin change colour with different colours and different shades of colours, it really is amazing. Two slightly different shades of the same colour can have you looking great, flushed or yellow and sickly. The styling experience is one we should all do at least twice in a lifetime. Once at the end of school (should be a compulsory year 12 end of year course like CPR) and again as we get older due to the natural colour changes that happen to us all. Knowing you are wearing something that suits you best, give you the confidence to do anything. I recommend Chic Styling to everyone. Maudie’s ability to put you at ease along with her knowledge is worth bottling. Tell all your friends, I certainly will.
Janette Wheatley