Wardrobe Detox For Men and Women

Wardrobe Detox For Men and Women

Do you often find yourself looking at a full wardrobe of clothing and accessories, thinking to yourself that you have nothing to wear? Having an endless wardrobe is not the answer to being stylish. A few basic pieces will transform you from plain Jane or plain Joe to being chic.

Most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time because they get stuck in a ‘style rut’ and reach for the same old favourites every day. Your cluttered closet may be keeping you hostage to a scattered and hurried image every time you get dressed. Treat your wardrobe as an investment. Create a closet that is full of must-have timeless pieces rather than make-do ones.

Every woman has things in her wardrobe that are never worn. Women keep things because it was an expensive purchase (designer label or vintage piece), or it has sentimental value, or it doesn’t fit anymore or it is in need of repair or cleaning. Even if you never wear them, you feel obliged to keep them hanging in your wardrobe because you would feel bad and wasteful throwing them out.

A great way to dispel guilt is to give to charity, give to friends/relatives, or sell on eBay. This wardrobe consultation is not about throwing all your clothes away, but making your wardrobe work better for you and your lifestyle. It is best to do this after a style and colour consultation.


In the comfort of your home I will help you sort through your wardrobe contents by making piles of

• Keepers
• Maybes
• Mending or alterations
• Throwaways
• Giveaways
• To sell items

You will try on clothes in the keepers and maybe piles. I will help you decide what is working and what is not. You will learn tricks to make the best of what you own by mixing and matching, coordinating and accessorizing. I will put together an eBook of photographs of different looks created in your wardrobe. Together we will identify the gaps in your wardrobe and create a shopping list of items to buy.

PRICING: Minimum 2 hrs – $185, thereafter $75 p/h

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