Your Corporate Image

Your Corporate Image

Corporate Image ConsultantYour visual presentation is everything in the business world. It has a profound effect on the success of your career. First impressions count and it is important to know how to create a good first impression.

You may not recognise the name, but Albert Mehrabian authored some of the most famous studies in communications research. According to Mehrabian there are 3 elements in any direct face-face communication.

• 55% Visual Presentation – dress, grooming, body language, facial expressions
• 38% Vocal – tone of voice
• 7% Verbal – words.

Truth be told, it is our clothes, our body language and our grooming that people judge us on instantly.

Study after study has proved that people who take care with their clothing, grooming and overall appearance are promoted faster, receive more opportunities in business and have a greater success rate. Surely then we should give a little more attention to how we dress and make sure our clothes are saying what we want them to.

The advantages of smartening up your corporate image can lead to that much deserved promotion, recognition, increased confidence and ultimately that competitive edge at work.


Individual consultation – 90 minutes
Group consultation – Max of 4 people – 3.5 hours

The Professional Image Consultation allows you to examine your current grooming habits, clothing style and use of body language to determine what messages you’re sending to those you meet and whether it matches the overall image of the company you work for. Suggestions will be given to you on how to improve your image to command respect, instill confidence and to further your career.

With the help of a computer-assisted program your measurements are entered to assess your body’s vertical and horizontal proportions. You will receive a customized style guide and log-in details to use your own personal online Professional Style program, which is regularly updated with new images and links to online retailers. You will get help on how to use your online program as well as your 94-page Professional Style guide.


Individual Consultation – from $245
Group Consultation – $190p/p (max of 4 people)

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